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How to place a limit order on Arihant Plus?

Here’s how to place your buy or sell order. 


Step 1: Go to the stock quotes page of the desired stock, click on buy/sell to open the order pad. Select what kind of order you want to place by clicking on Invest/ Trade for delivery or intraday.


Step 2: If the market is Live, you will see a green dot along with the stock prices on both exchanges. The stock price on both the exchanges is shown and you can choose the exchange you want to trade on.


Step 3: Choose the quantity and the price of the order. The market price is selected by default, but if you want to put a limit order you can click on “custom price”. 

Remember your order will be accepted in the exchange only if you enter the custom price in the daily price range defined by the exchange for that stock.


Step 4: Check the margin amount required to place the order and confirm if you have the available margin. The amount is automatically calculated and displayed towards the bottom of the screen. If your available margin is insufficient, you may be prompted to transfer funds to your Arihant account.


Step 5: Click on Buy/ Sell to place the order 

Step 6: If you have set up a review screen, you will need to confirm the order before it gets sent to the exchange.

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