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What is MTF order and how to place MTF order

MTF enables share purchase with a smaller sum, known as margin. The broker covers the rest as a margin loan, requiring interest payment until shares are sold. 

Amplify Profits: MTF allows purchasing more shares than possible with personal funds, leading to higher profits during share price increases.

Leverage Investments: It leverages investments, yielding larger profits with a smaller investment.

Trade in Volatile Markets: Ideal for volatile markets, enabling profit even with minor share price drops if they recover before selling.

How to place MTF order?

1.Login to your application

2. Select the scrip you wish to place MTF order & click on it

3. You will get the scrip summary, click on buy

4. On the order screen, select MTF, enter quantity, click on buy

5. Your MTF order will be placed

Benefits of MTF order

•4X Leverage: Arihant Plus offers 4X leverage, letting clients maximise profits with a modest investment.

•Navigate Volatility: Particularly useful in volatile markets, capturing opportunities in rapidly shifting prices.

•Seize Short-Term Opportunities: Ideal for short-term opportunities like sudden stock price drops.

Hedge Positions: Allows hedging of other market positions, like maintaining a long stock position.

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