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What happens if I am unable to provide the required margin amount within the prescribed time?

If the required margin is not provided within the prescribed time, you will be treated as a client in margin default.  

Please note, that Arihant may liquidate your shares without notification ahead of liquidation.  

  • . Applicable minimum initial margin and increased margin, if any, shall be kept supplied at all times by the clients in respect of the stocks purchased under the MTF.  

  • . Client shall pay any shortage in the required margin immediately on receiving demand (margin call) and in any case not later than 11.00 P.M on the trading day following the day of making the margin call (prescribed time). Failing which Arihant shall be at liberty to liquidate the funded shares and/or collateral shares to recover the dues outstanding in your account.  

  • . In case of extreme volatility in the market, Arihant may demand payment of margin forthwith and the prescribed time for making margin payment shall be construed accordingly. Arihant’s decision in relation to market volatility shall be final and binding and Arihant is not liable to provide any reason for the decision to you.  

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