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Can I open a NRI account with ArihantPlus?

Yes, opening your NRI account is easy with ArihantPlus. Here's what you need to do:

Download and complete the following forms:

  1. Account Opening Form (Make sure all sections marked with a "√" are filled and signed).
  2. KYC Form (Annexure J).
  3. CKYC Form.
  4. FEMA Declaration.
  5. RBI Declaration.
  6. Updated FATCA.
  7. Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI).
  8. Trading Preference Form.
  9. Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC) Agreement.
  10. In Person Verification Declaration.

Submit the following documents along with the form:

  1. One passport-sized photograph.
  2. Copy of PAN Card.
  3. Proof of address (one domestic and one international).
  4. Cancelled cheque as bank proof (for both NRO and NRE accounts).
  5. Copy of passport with valid visa.
  6. Original PIS permission letter from your bank (or an attested photocopy).
  7. Verification video displaying all required documents.
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