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What are the documents required to open an HUF account with Arihant?

All the documents should be originally attested with seal of HUF by the Karta. And on all the photocopy documents sign of in person verification should be done with ‘VERIFIED WITH ORIGINAL’ seal. ‘In person Verification’ sign on form by Staff of Arihant. 


Account requirements: - 

1. One photograph of Karta 

2. KYC form non-individual (Annexure K) along with account opening form

3. PAN card of karta and address proof of karta 

4. PAN card of HUF  

5. Bank pass-book/bank statement in the name of HUF. (with latest transaction page) 

6. Deed of declaration of HUF/ Co –Parceners’s List with seal & Sign of  karta  

7. Signature of KARTA is required under seal of HUF at all places of signature 

8. Proof of financial details if client wants to work in Derivatives, Currency and Commodity

any one of following:- 


Copy of ITR acknowledgement 


Copy of annual accounts 


Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income 


Net worth certificate 


Salary slip 


Latest bank account statement for last 6 months 


Copy of demat account holding statement. 


Any other relevant documents substantiating ownership of assets. 

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