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Why was my withdrawal request rejected?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to withdraw money from your Arihant trading account. The most common reason is trying to remove funds before the settlement period is over. Following each sale, the money in your Arihant account needs to settle before it can be transferred. The settlement cycle for equity trades is T+2 days and T+1 days for futures and options.

The settlement cycle is the time taken for funds from stocks you sold or F&O positions you have closed to be credited to your trading account. In the case of intraday and F&O, it is the time taken for the realized profits, M2M, or sell value of options to be credited to your account.

Also, funds added to the trading account cannot be withdrawn on the same day.

Beyond that, your withdrawal request will only be rejected if your withdrawal amount goes beyond your withdrawal limit.

If you need any additional clarification, please reach out to our centralised customer support desk at customersupport@arihantcapital.com or 07314217003.

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