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What is an intraday order?

Intraday trading or day trading means buying and selling stocks on the same trading day. When you place an intraday buy or sell order, your order will be squared-off in the same trading session and you won't have any outstanding position left. This means you do not need to take delivery of that stock (or give delivery of the stock in case of a sell order). 

On Arihant Plus, you will find two buttons on top on your order pad: Invest and Trade. If you want to place an intraday order, you need to click on Trade button in the top panel on your order pad.

An intraday order is automatically squared off at 3:15pm by the system, if you fail to do it yourself before that time.

Please note: Intraday orders cannot be placed after 3:15pm, only delivery orders are accepted in the last 15 minutes of the market hours.

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