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Using your Watchlist on Arihant Plus

A watchlist allows you to create a customized list of stocks, ETFs and F&O contracts, so you can monitor and track the assets that mean the most to you. 

Arihant Plus allows you to make custom watchlists. This way you don’t need to search for your favourite stocks again and again, and you can track them all in a single place. You can create and maintain one or multiple watchlists, and each list can follow different sets of stocks, futures and options contracts, ETFs, or a combination of these. 

What is even cooler is that you can rearrange the stocks in your watchlist and give it a name to make your watchlists perfect for your use. Once you get the hang of it and customise the watchlist to your preference, you will find that your watchlist becomes your best friend by saving you lots of time.

For example, you can make a watchlist of stocks on themes you believe will grow, “AI and Robotics”, “Electric vehicles”, "Sustainability" and so on. Once you have built this watchlist, you can track all these stocks in one go, and buy or sell with a swipe whenever the stocks hits your target price point.

Smart features on Arihant Plus watchlist:

What makes Arihant Plus watchlist better? We've done a lot of research and taken feedback from many traders and investors and then created a watchlist with features that'll make their trading experience smoother and more meaningful. Here are some of these smart features:

➡️  SMART TAGS: We've added smart tag feature on the watchlists to make your experience smoother. If any of the securities in your watchlist has any upcoming corporate action (dividend, bonus, split, etc.) or has hit 52-week high or low, you'll see a special tag against that security.

➡️ HOLDING QTY: You can see your holding quantity against the security, if any , from your watchlist

➡️SWIPE AND TRADE: Swipe and trade from your watchlist: swipe right to buy and swipe left to sell.

➡️ PORTFOLIO WATCHLIST: We know you're always curious to know how the stocks in your portfolio are performing. So we pre-created "My Stocks" watchlist for you that includes all the stocks in your portfolio as soon.

➡️ PREDEFINED WATCHLISTS: We've already pre-created some smart watchlists based on feedback from our clients. Whether is the list of Nifty 50 stocks that you are looking for or you want to track stocks from Bank Nifty index, we've got these and a lot more created for you under the pre-defined watchlist section. So you never have to struggle finding the stocks you are looking for.

What is a watchlist and how to use a watchlist on Arihant Plus mobile trading app

Adding a stock to your watchlist

To add a stock or other security to your Watchlist, you need to make sure you have created a watchlist first.

  • Click on Create button. Type in the name you want to give your watchlist.
  • Search bar will open, type in the name or symbol of the stock or ETF you want to add to this watchlist. 
  • Tap the Add + symbol against the security name.
  • Your watchlist is created and you've added the first stock to your watchlist

When you want to add more stocks to an existing watchlist:

  • Click on the + button on top right
  • Search bar will open, type in the name or symbol of the stock or ETF you want to add to this watchlist. 
  • Click on the Add + symbol against the security name
  • Choose the watchlist you want this security to from the bottom drawer list
  • Congratulations, the security is added to the watchlist

In addition to adding stocks to the watchlist you can also:

  •  Use filter button to sort and filter the watchlist
  • Long press on the security name to rearrange the stocks within the watchlist
  • Rename the watchlist (with long press on any security in the watchlist or by clicking on Edit Watchlist button)
  • Delete watchlist

Learn how to edit and manage watchlist with this short video:

We're continually adding new features to our platform and updating the experience to help you be a better investor and make your trading experience smoother. 

We've got all your questions about the watchlist covered. Click here to learn more about Arihant Plus Watchlists.

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