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Why did my Netbanking transaction fail?

Usually, net banking is a smooth process but glitches do happen sometimes. Your transaction might have failed because of any of these reasons. 

Insufficient Account Balance:

Check the account balance of your bank account. Are you trying to transfer more funds than the account balance?

  • Cancelled Payment: Did you click a back or a cancel button while the transaction was being processed? Don’t worry, restart the transfer to add funds to your Arihant account.

  • Payment Failure: A server error at the bank's end, or in the payment gateway, may cause your payment to fail. We recommend that you try again with a lower amount .Alternatively, you can use UPI mode to transfer


  • Payment Gateway Request Timed Out: Your payment took a long time to process, so the request has expired. Restart the process again to transfer funds to your account.


  • Validation Failure: This happens due to a verification failure with the payment gateway. Why don’t you give it another shot or try using UPI?


  • Payment Request Time Out: Your payment request was not completed on time. initiate the transfer again.


  • Account Disabled: Your bank account could have been disabled. To resolve this, you would need to check with your bank or submit a request to change the primary bank account in Arihant's re-KYC portal.
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